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Compost, Topsoil & Lawndressing

Peat and Ceramic Mixes:

For greens construction.

Garden Grow:

Lawndressing. Mix of screened topsoil and kraalmanure.

Topdressing for fairways and tees.

Weed free.

Divot Mix:

Repairs of divots. Some clients use it for topdressing of fairways and tees. The silica sand helps with drainage and makes it a very nice workable product (especially where you need to level)

Screened Topsoil:

Filling, leveling and topdressing. Our Topsoil is weed free.


For flowerbeds and seedlings. – Weed free

Bowling Green Mix:

Topdressing of Bowling Greens.

Germination Mix:

Germination of seedlings.

Kraal Manure:

Topdressing & Flowerbeds.

Potting Soil:

Compost and topsoil mixed. Ready to plant in. Weed free.

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Potting Soil

Peat Moss

Kraal Manure